Rabu, 21 Juli 2010

Lebron James

Lebron was a natural talent in football. He scored 19 touchdowns in six games in his first year of Pee Wee football, when he only was a fourth-grader. However, in spite of his success, he started to miss out of school on regular basis. His coach, Mr. Walker, noticed it and offered his mother to give LeBron a more stable living environment. So it ended up with LeBron moving in to the family of his coach. It showed out to be an excellent solution for LeBrons as he learned discipline, family life and immediately this showed off very positively in his school reports. Mr Walker also had a great impact on LeBron´s basketball. Also the Walker family helped LeBron to return to his mother's home whenever he so desired. Besides that, LeBron now made some new friends and soon they were a terrific team on the basketball court.

Why did Mr. Walker offer LeBron a more stable living environment? His mother, Gloria James, was only 16 years when she gave birth to LeBron on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio. His father had no interest at all in taking care of his newborn baby. The father left the small family without taking any responsibility at all. Life was hard for the young mother and she raised LeBron totally on her own, as her own mother passed away when LeBron was still an infant.

Gloria James tried to work wherever she was offered a job, but usually the jobs did not last long and her only solution was to move from one job to another. The young mother and her son had their residence mostly in Akron, south of Cleveland, but the different apartments were many. Although the hard living, Gloria James succeeded to keep her little son out of violence of the streets. At a very early age she gave him a ball and it hold him occupied for hours every day during the weeks. The little boy showed unlimited interest in playing with the ball.

In school life was not very easy for LeBron. He was ashamed of his poor living and he was shy and introvert. He had not many friends and he had also a hard time to study. But when it came to sports, there were not many who could beat him, as he became an outstanding athlete. When he played basketball he was thoughtful of his teammates as he did not keep the basketball for himself, but distributed it to his teammates. Still he was excellent in taking the ball to the hole as he had a natural quickness and strength

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